In early 2010…
…the concept of Animal Warriors was formed. While researching a wild animal rescue show for Discovery Channel, animal advocate Scott Lope quickly recognized a desperate need for a strong leader to unite the many different rescue groups all struggling towards the same goal of helping animals.

As former director of one of the world’s largest and most well known wild animal sanctuaries and the on-screen animal expert for countless television networks, Scott knew all too well about the issues facing domestic and wild animals in captivity. Scott’s vision, Animal Warriors, is a fully functioning community of like-minded individuals acting as a cohesive unit to enable people everywhere to make a real difference.

Animal Warriors is not only an organization dedicated to improving the lives of animals, it a community committed to preserving the environment for both humans and animals alike.
Exotic animals were meant to be wild, not kept as pets or used as props for entertainment. Since they can’t be returned to their natural environment, Animal Warriors will work with Sanctuaries and rescues to provide the best life in captivity possible.
Domestic dog and cat rescues are overwhelmed and face the daunting task of finding forever homes for animals in need. Animal Warriors will work tirelessly to support these rescues.
Animal Warriors has been selecting and recruiting a diverse group of people over the past few years to form a talented team capable of making a difference in the world. These true team players have been instrumental in developing and running some of the best volunteer programs in the nation. Our team is highly trained and experienced in the care of these animals.
This team is recruiting volunteers from all walks of life with varying talents to join our team. We educate our volunteers on what it takes to run a sanctuary and rescue while leveraging the diverse talents they bring to the organization. Our team has incredible work ethic and passion which is exactly what Sanctuaries and rescues around the world have sorely needed.

*shelters and sanctuaries are at capacity and very few can accept new animals.
*staff and volunteers are overwhelmed, under-paid, and under-appreciated with no additional time to plan for fundraising.
*A huge lack of communication and co-operation between organizations means wasted time and resources and worst of all, many animals that could have been saved are suffering or dying needlessly.

*Most of the general public do not know what real sanctuaries and rescues are. The general public wants to help animal in need but does not know how.

What is needed….
An organization that has the skill set to support both exotic and domestic animal sanctuaries and rescues and be dedicated to doing what is best for these animals in the most efficient way possible.